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Nail Sticker Kit

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Nail Stickers are the way to go. Get the manicure look without paying the price.

Why choose nail stickers?

*Easy to apply.

*No drying time.

*Lasts up to 10 days.

*Affordable price.

*Many Color Options.

Your Kit includes 5 sets of Nail Stickers with application tools and a test sticker for practice. Colors vary based on availability. Use for yourself or give to friends. Start your own nail sticker business. Retail Price per individual package $10 - $12.

Made in China.

Additional Information:

Please wash hands thoroughly or use an alcohol swab before application.Choose the appropriate size of sticker so that it fits snug on the nail. Overlapping the sticker with the skin will cause water and air to get under the sticker and cause the sticker's adhesiveness to not last as long.






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