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Fall is in the Air


Here in Florida, we have different expectations for Fall. Some areas need heavy sweaters and scarves.  We only have a few days each year that allows for a jacket. Most Floridians only wear scarves for fashion and not for warmth.  If we wake up and feel 60-degree weather, we are in a panic. By the end of the day, we are usually pushing the 80's again. As you can see, our dress for fall allows for lighter clothing. We have chosen three colors for the Florida Fall. 


Olive Top and Camouflage Leggings

Olive - Try this olive outfit with a sexy southern spin.  Camouflage leggings and our Olive Cold-Shoulder Top will definitely turn heads and bring you comfort.  Wear with sandals or boots to make a statement.



 Burgundy Floral Print Dress

Burgundy - Fall leaves bring Floral Prints. During the fall, we can still blossom with our dresses that highlight floral prints. Check out this new Burgundy Floral Print Dress to top off some nice wedges.


Black and Mustard Maxi Plus Size Dress
 Mustard - When we get that Fall breeze of the Gulf or the Atlantic, you want to be prepared. No one wants to flash co-workers at an outside brunch when the wind gets a little gusty.  Our Black and Mustard Maxi Dress is the perfect Fall style for many occasions. It ties at the waist so you can add a little curvy to the spice and the colors are definitely all Fall. 

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