Mother's Day Giveaway

Mothers Day GiveawayMother's Day is only 3 weeks away! Do you have something special planned for her?  Well, there is nothing better than free clothes!
Check out the Mother's Day Giveaway for a $100 shopping spree.   
As a mom, I was always a little unsure when my husband or kids decided to buy me clothes. My husband must think I'm a supermodel, because he would buy things too small.  My kids must think I'm a granny because they would buys things that covered me from wrists to ankles - and we live in Florida!!!  I would smile and say, "Thank you", but in the back of my mind I thought "if only they would get me a gift card".  Well, here is that opportunity for you. Enter a woman you know into this giveaway and maybe she will be saying - "Thank You" this Mother's Day!  

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